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The Biella region (Biellese) offers activities for everyone…

In Pettinengo:

the Villa Piazzo park;
the associazione Piccola Fata
churches and votive chapels;
a stage of the Biellese bridle path;
paths for trekking e mountain biking

In Biella, at a 15-minutes’ driving distance:

textile outlets
the Medieval borough of Piazzo;
the Duomo and other churches;
the Museo del TerritorioBiellese (Museum of Local Culture);
the old town;
shops of local produce.

At Veglio:

the adventure park
facilities for bungee jumping

And if you feel like driving a bit further afield:

the ancient open-pit gold mines in the Bessa Nature Reserve and the Baragge Nature Reserve;
the Medieval fortified storehouse of Ricetto di Candelo;
Oropa, the largest shrine of Marian worship in the Alpine region;
the Burcina botanic park;
the lakes Viverone and Orta;
the Roppolo Casle and its wine-bar Enoteca regionale della Serra;
local ecomuseums;
Bielmonte and Oasi Zegna: skiing slopes and trekking paths.

Further information at these websites:

DocBi Centro Studi Biellesi
Biella Tourist Information Office;
the Biellese Mountains website for all mountaneering activities;
HappyHoursBiella for events, entertainment, good eating
Biellacittą; BugellaWorld.

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